If a tooth needs to be filled you can chose from many materials. These days amalgam is out of the question because of the poisonous ingredients. Many people are replacing these. The first thing with cavities is to look at your nutrition, cleaning and check(with healer) if there are issues in your life connected to that specific tooth.

A lot of filled teeth are treated with Amalgam filling material, containing mercury and other stuff. The material poisoning is entering organs in the body, meridians, brains, lymphe system and the pineal gland. The most dangerous parts are Mercury, Zinc, Copper, Tin. This must be removed from the body by healing techniques or herbs or other ways. It looks like it is possible to clean the components with herbs, oils and other natural techniques, however it still occurs, from my experience, in places where life issues are. Even when cleaning with energy it remains there. After solving the issues where it was connected to, it is removed.

Safe filling materials

Are there safe filling materials? That is personal, so you have to check what your body can accept. Choose also the dentist where you feel comfortable. All fillings have some positive and negative properties. F.e. gold looks save, but pure gold is too soft and needs to be mixed with other materials. So the best is to investigate and decide what feels the best in combination with the choice of dentist.