My Books
This first book covers all my research in the past years about the teeth, mouth, jaws and everything connected in and outside the body.
The book gives information about the function, working and selfhealing of teeth, nutrition, cleaning, etc.

There is a lot of info for healers and dentists too. How to see, listen and know the meaning of every tooth, the connection in the body and life. What is the meaning of caries, removing teeth, breaking teeth, gum problems, etc.
So, a lot of info from dentists, science, channels and experience in healing sessions. What is your question?

 Paperback ISBN: 9789083032344 
 Ebook ISBN: 9789083032306

Where to buy?
 The books are available on all bookstore websites, many bookshops all over the world. You can use bookfinder to look for your area:
Many local bookstores and shops should be able to order it on the ISBN number.

This second book covers all my other info I received and/or ex-perienced in my way up to this present moment.

Ask for the download(EUR 4,99) by email, see contact pages for email