As a Dentist or Dental hygienist you might get more interesting questions from your clients, because of greater awareness and the unlimited info on websites and social media.

What we are doing is research on all kinds of influences from and to teeth, the mouth and jaws. There are also many connections on many levels from and to our teeth to other parts of our body including the organs. The connections on meridian levels in some charts are the most popular. But there is much more.

For getting more feeling what is going on other levels we give workshops, training and organize specific travel for you to experience what can help you to improve/change your business. How can I help my clients in their life?

You see people more than a regular doctor and you can advise your clients because of your view on what is going on in the mouth and what are the consequences for the lives of your clients. With new knowledge you can help to improve their lives!

Contact for workshops or travel possibilities.