From research published, the numbers of cavities have increased dramatically in the past years, specific with children. This is in contradiction with increased dental hygiene. The increase of bad nutrition is however in line with the dental problems, so there is something to win very easy, just eating good food(if available!). Dr price already did investigations in the 1920 -1930 ‘s on the effect of changing diets and the effects on teeth. He had very good results with that. And he did research in many countries all over the world. Good Nutrition cannot heal damaged hard tooth material, but it can prevent and heal cavities. That is a big step in keeping healthy teeth. Every person needs to check what their body needs, food is personal! There are general rules, but for the rest feel what is good and what body needs. You can talk to your body about this.

Change your diet
Diet is very personal, so everybody should test for the right diet and healing.

What is missing in our food program for healthy teeth?
• K2 and D3, Phosphor and Calcium and B1
• Oil for mouth oilpulling, like Sesam oil, or aman prama menta mouth oil
• Vitamin A and D , the best from from cod liver oil, fermented.
• Vitamin C

What should be avoided or replaced(if you think your body needs it)
• Artificial sugars and sweeteners, ALL of them!
• Cow/animal milk, except some raw milk products.
• Microwave food.
• Whole grains!
• Processed food in general.