Why do I have toothpain, tooth damage, neckpain, etc.? How can I work on releasing that and have a happy, painfree, shining mouth.
When you are aware of the signals you can make changes in your life.

Disturbances, inflammations and Amalgam can be healed when you are aware of it in the first stages. In these times the Amalgam fillings need to be removed/replaced physically, combined with cleaning of the connected organs/glands. Choose a dentists who has the specific knowledge and takes good care of that.

We are doing healing sessions on teeth problems.
For specific information or healing on one of your teeth, select the tooth and send an email. Also for jaw pain, TMJ disorders, etc. we might help you.

Healthy natural Food is very important for our body and starts in this part of the body.

There are specific workshops for teeth:
  • Healthy Teeth workshop
  • Healthy Teeth Plus workshop
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